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Namaste and welcome. I was born in the beautiful, diverse Republic of Panama in 1988. Yoga has been an impactful part of my life since 2007, when I was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and got to take advantage of the many yoga studios and styles of yoga there. The big city gave me the opportunity to really delve deep into the study of yoga, and therefore deepening an understanding of myself body and mind...and learning to love myself there at any given moment. Yoga started out merely as a physical practice for me and increasingly deepened into a practice much more profound, enabling me to live life to my fullest potential. I completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate from the ORGANIZACION INTERNACIONAL DE YOGATERAPIA AYURVEDA Y YOGA

Yoga is making the effort to see beauty/goodness first, in everything, everyday, starting with yourself. The more you realize your own state of fullness and light, the better able you are to recognize it in others, making the world a more uplifting place. Yoga is about trying to be mindful and aware throughout all aspects of life. Yoga is also a playful practice so prepared to be greeted by my big smile when you come to the Bocas Yoga Studio, where I teach exclusively both drop-in classes and private sessions.

My favorite place is by the sea, so I am grateful that I live in the beautiful Caribbean archipelago of Bocas Del Toro, Panama. I enjoy surfing the warm, clear turquoise waves that surround the islands. Surfing and yoga combine the perfect balance of effort and surrender. I am constantly amazed at how much a regular yoga practice increases my surfing skills – the extra strength, flexibility and balance that yoga provides, really can be felt on the surfboard! Ride the waves of grace.... My favorite professional, safe, fun company to go surfing with in Bocas Del Toro is Mono Loco Surf School.

I have a passion for creating healthy food, both savory and sweet, and am the proud proprietress of Bocas Lick It, which is a corner-shop where you can buy my hand-made artisanal paletas (popsicles) made of all-natural ingredients. A healthy, yummy treat before or after yoga class, conveniently located on the corner, just two-doors down from the Bocas Yoga Studio on 4th Street! I love gardening so it gives me pleasure to put home-grown herbs into the paletas for you to enjoy.

Things I am passionate about are music-appreciation, compassion towards animals, empathy towards others, and living an eco-friendly, environmentally-sound lifestyle, as best I can.

The only one I compare myself to is the person I was yesterday.

Family is important to me, as well as deep connections with authentic friends. I honor my teachers, and consider myself on ongoing student, in order to serve you better. I am hardworking. Altruism just feels good, so I help others when I am able to; at the same time yoga is about knowing one's own worth/value on order to be able to set healthy boundaries. Yoga brings balance to all aspects of life.

The intention I have as a teacher is to help my students to be aware of, and live in, the present moment; to encourage growth physically and spiritually; and most importantly to encourage my students love themselves unconditionally. This is true, life-affirming connection between us all, and deserves to be celebrated! I'll meet you on the mat, grateful for this sweet life.